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Youth Driving Safe has more than 15 years of GPS Tracking service experience

Youth Driving Safe 

Youth Driving Safe provides GPS vehicle tracking equipment and GPS Teen Tracking service to the parents of first-time teen drivers. Our GPS tracking system harnesses the power of the GPS satellite network, cellular communications, the Internet and the personal computer. Youth Driving Safe provides low-cost “real time” GPS vehicle tracking which allows parents to instantly monitor their teen’s driving habits. At Youth Driving Safe we can help prevent your teen driver from making a mistake that might take a young life

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About us

Youth Driving Safe specializes in offering a reliable and complete GPS tracking solution specifically designed for parents of teenage drivers who want to ensure that their children are safe and driving responsibly.

For the past 15+ years, we have been partnering with parents to keep their teenagers safe and encourage them to drive responsibly. Thousands of parents rely on Youth Driving Safe to help safeguard their new drivers.

We offer a robust real time GPS tracking system that effectively tracks precise location, speed, direction and historical tracking information, including stop location and duration. You can easily have access to this valuable information from your smartphone, computer or tablet in a matter of seconds, on demand.