Who Are We | Youth Driving Safe

Our Mission Statement

Our team is set on a mission to address the concerns of countless parents around the globe with a solution that leverages the latest technology to effectively track their teenagers’ location, speed, direction and past activity.

Our Vision

Youth Driving Safe’s vision is to continue “combining technology with good parenting to encourage SAFE TEEN DRIVERS.”

About Youth Driving Safe

Youth Driving Safe specializes in offering a reliable and complete GPS tracking solution specifically designed for parents of teenage drivers who want to ensure that their children are safe and driving responsibly.

For the past 15+ years, we have been partnering with parents to keep their teenagers safe and encourage them to drive responsibly. Thousands of parents rely on Youth Driving Safe to help safeguard their new drivers.

We offer a robust real time GPS tracking system that effectively tracks precise location, speed, direction and historical tracking information, including stop location and duration. You can easily have access to this valuable information from your smartphone, computer or tablet in a matter of seconds, on demand.

In addition to the cutting-edge features our solution provides, you can personalize and enable notifications to be alerted when your teen exceeds the posted speed limit, create a virtual time clock to know when your teen driver enters and leaves a location, such as home or school. You can also define restricted areas and get an instant notification the moment your teen enters that area.

An intuitive interface, an easy to use solution and availably across multiple devices converge to make Youth Driving Safe a valuable ally for parents who want peace of mind without giving up control. 

In the future, we will continue to grow and remain on top of the latest technological improvements, but our commitment to parents and teenagers will continue to be as determined as when we first started, over 15 years ago.